Why us

The relationship between food producers and consumers has changed. The origin and traceability of the food that you serve is paramount and statistics have highlighted this. But it's not just about where your food comes from, but also that the food tastes the best it can be.

Searching the internet can provide a wealth of potential solutions - but how can you depend on the quality of what you receive?

Royal Spoonbill has been set up to do the hard work as we source the best food produce from around the UK for you:

  • You can identify food producers by product, by price or by location dependent on your needs.

  • You can find out about their farm, their ethics and additional information that the providers supply.

  • All food producers conform with sustainable farming and take great pride in maintaining the welfare of their animals. All conform with “Compassion in World Farming standards.”

  • Once your order is placed and the payment made, you can then track and monitor the item and following delivery – post a review of their produce.